Please join us from November 11 - 15, 2015 as we celebrate our wedding in Guatemala.

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Steven's Story

Steven Little was born in Portsmouth, VA and spent much of his life in Richmond, before moving to New York City to pursue any and all creative work with which he could help. He is currently finishing up his Master's degree in story writing, still playing tennis, and anxious to start the rest of this amazing life together with Maria.  

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Maria's Story

Maria Dubon was born in Guatemala and grew up in Burke, Virginia. She spent much of her childhood playing soccer and going on adventures. She studied at VCU and started her career in the art world at 1708 Gallery.  Today, she works at SVA in New York and is counting down the days until her next big adventure with Steven.


Our Relationship

We met way back in 2003, in Barbara Tisserat's lithography class at VCU.  We spent several of the first weeks together watching Steve Martin movies, eating late-night nachos and drinking hot chocolates. We were engaged in February 2014, have the cutest dog named Ollie, and now we're getting married!


Welcome Drinks


Belencito House
5 Ave Sur

Barrio Belencito No. 11
Fun Video about Antigua


Trip to Panajachel

NOv. 12 at 8:00 AM

 This Full Day Trip takes you from Antigua - via a comfortable Pullman Bus – to one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in the world – Lake Atitlan!

Once at the lake, you will take a private boat to the Mayan Lakeside Village of San Juan, one of the lakes most popular towns. Two tour guides will tour our group through this authentic Mayan town and we will make stops at several local, well-known Art Galleries and also visit the Weaving Co-ops where you will learn how Mayan women make the beautiful textiles for which Guatemala is famous for.

 When the Tour of San Juan is complete, you will once again board your private boat and go to one of the Lake’s largest towns – Panajachel. 

For those interested in going please email
Denise at before you arrive.
The trip is 50 per person.

Rehearsal Dinner

NOV. 13 AT 5:00 pM

   Before we say "I do" let's raise a glass or two!
Almacen Troccoli
 5 a. Ave. Norte y 3 era. Calle Poniente
All out of town Guests are welcome!




Las Capuchinas
2a Calle Oriente
Antigua, Guatemala



San Jose el Viejo
5 Avenida Sur y 8 Calle Oriente
Antigua, Guatemala