Guatemala is a short four hour trip away from the United States. You can fly into La Aurora International Airport (GUA), and follow the instructions below.




Transportation to Antigua

Antigua is approximately 1 hour away from the airport in Guatemala City. You can book airport pickups to and from Antigua and the airport with Denise Scarillo,



7ma Calle Poniente 33B
+502  7873 7000

HOtel San Rafael

2da Calle Poniente No. 7
+502 7832 9882

We have rooms blocked off for wedding guests at several hotels around town. Mention the Dubon–Little wedding when you book to get the group discount. Please email Denise Scarillo, at for more information. 

Hotel El ConventO

2a Avenida Norte  #11
+502 7720 7272

PORTA Hotel antigua

8va Calle PonienteNo.1
+502 7931 0600


Casa Capuchinas

2a Avenida Norte 7
+502 7832 0121


Variety of houses available for weekly rentals here:




Set among the volcanoes and ancient ruins of Mesoamerica, Antigua, Guatemala is home to some of the finest craftspeople in the country, coffee plantations and the grand baroque ruins of Spanish cathedrals and Romanesque civil architecture. It is a small walking town that radiates just 10 blocks in each direction off a main plaza. 

Spending a week’s vacation is well worth considering, and we will be scheduling a variety of adventures for all who want to participate.

For more information on the day trips planned please email
Denise Scarillo at



Casa de Artes
Select Arts & Crafts from Guatemala. Different rooms are dedicated to woodcarvings, traditional textiles, ceramics, jewelry, and paintings. Open Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:30 to 6:30pm, and by appointment.
4a Av. Sur #11










For those interested, we are planning a trip to La Reunion Golf Resort on Wednesday morning, Nov. 11th. $150pp

Horseback Riding
Ravenscroft Riding Stables, 3km south of Antigua on the road to Santa María de Jesús, offers English-style riding, with scenic rides of three, four or five hours in the valleys and hills around Antigua. $15/hr.

Coffee Plantation Tour
at Finca Filadelfia
Enjoy one of the oldest and most established coffee estates in Guatemala. Follow the path of the coffee bean from the nursery to your cup. Conclude with a seated educational tasting. $20pp



Hike Volcan Pacaya with us on Tuesday morning, Nov. 10th.
Pacaya is the only hikeable active volcano in Guatemala. With its peak at 8,373 feet above sea level, Pacaya looms over Guatemala City. The hike to the base of the main crater affords visitors unparalleled, sweeping views of the entire capital 2000 feet below to the east and the Pacific ocean (weather permitting) over 6000 feet below to the west! The scenery changes quickly from lush subtropical vegetation to a barren, volcanic landscape dotted with vents emitting steam and heat from deep within the volcano. $40pp

Guatemala is a stable country. Most major crimes occur in isolated rural areas, and in parts of Guatemala City. The most common crime that affects tourists in Guatemala is petty-theft. Simple precautions like keeping your handbag zipped and carrying your wallet in your front pocket, as well as storing valuables in the hotels safe will go along way towards averting most petty crime. Antigua is a safe town because of its dependency on tourism; any crime would hurt the local economy. That said, please take the same precautions at night as you would at home: walk with a partner after dark, take a tuk-tuk or a hotel shuttle.

American citizens do not need a visa to enter Guatemala. Per the Center for Disease Control (CDC), malaria is not present in Antigua, Guatemala City and Lake Atitlan, and you do not need immunization shots. If you plan to travel to rural areas beyond Antigua, Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan or Tikal please contact your healthcare provider for more information.

The Quetzal is the currency of Guatemala. It is 7.7 Quetzals to 1 Dollar. Almost every hotel, restaurant and shop in Antigua accepts Visa and Mastercard, only a few accept American Express. There are several ATMs around Parque Central, the main square in Antigua where you can use your U.S. ATM card to retrieve quetzales. We recommend you contact your bank before you leave to notify them of your travel plans. One big thing to note, it's a good idea to get new crisp bills from the bank, a lot of vendors will not take worn out bills.

Antigua is known as the land of eternal spring for its year-round temperate climate. The weather in November will be partially dry and sunny, much like the beginning of Fall. Daytime temperatures will be in the high 70’s and evening temperatures will be in the low 60’s. Make sure to bring an umbrella and dress in layers. The streets are cobblestone and the pavement can been uneven so please bring comfortable walking shoes like sneakers, topsiders, flat sandals or ballet flats for exploring the town.